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About Audible Format4 (.aa)

PLEXTALK Pocket users can now download over 75,000 audio programs from more than 1200 content providers at Audible.com, including leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. Audible, Inc. specializes in the spoken experience, providing digital audio editions of books, newspapers and magazines, original programming, and TV and radio subscriptions. Now PLEXTALK Pocket users can shop, purchase, download and playback audio content from www.audible.com/plextalk.

The compatibility of the PLEXTALK Pocket with Audible books is implemented on the PLEXTALK Pocket firmware version 4 or later. The firmware is available at the PLEXTALK web site.

You can try a sampling of Audible books by downloading the following files and experience the quality on your PLEXTALK Pocket.


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