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PLEXTALK Linio supports DAISY online, Web Radio Streaming, Podcast Downloading, Bluetooth, DAISY playback, Recording Onto Media, CD, 2GB internal memory, SD card and USB.

*Recording media: 2GB internal memory, SD, USB

Immediate access to talking books, newspapers, and magazines!

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The online DAISY player for the visually impaired.

With the

Immediate access to talking books, newspapers, and magazines!

Select and read books of your interest online, you do not have to wait for a CD to be delivered! Check and share the latest news and articles from newspapers & magazines.

The PLEXTALK Linio has an internal memory where you can store books, newspapers or magazines. And no computer needed!

What is the DAISY online Delivery Protocol (DODP) ?


The global standard on online book distribution has been developed by the DAISY Consotium. Streaming and downloading are made possible on various book readers/players like talking book players, mobile devices, personal computers, etc. It also brings additional features such as the search function.

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