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DAISY book playback

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PTN2 supports DAISY 2.02 or ANSI/NISO Z39.86/DAISY3.0. You can play not only DAISY audio books but also DAISY text-based books. Many national library services and content providers publish and distribute DAISY-structured books /books with a DAISY-structure.

High performance built-in speaker

Built-in speaker

High performance built-in speaker provides you with comfortable listening.

The sound volume can be changed from step 0 to step 25.


You can read content from a CD, SD card or a USB device.

Speed search / navigation

Goto keyNumerical keypad

Move immediately to the page that you specified using the navigation keypad. Use the 2, 4, 6 and 8 keys to move between level, section, pages and groups.


Bookmark key

A maximum of 10,000 bookmarks can be put in DAISY digital talking books or music CDs. You can easily navigate to a specific bookmark, e.g., where you last stopped listening.

Change of playback speed and tone

Tone adjust & Play Speed adjust

The playback speed can be halved or accelerated 3 times. Tone can be changed by steps from -6 to 6.

Safety Design

Voice guidance

Information key

Voice guidance will guide you in the operation of all functions. Other information such as elapsed time, remaining time and total time of the audio book are available on voice guidance.

Shock resistant

Shock resistant

The main body is surrounded by soft plastic material, not only to absorb shocks, but also to prevent scratches on the CD when inserting it.

Easy operation cover

Easy operation cover

The easy operation cover is a standard accessory. When the cover is installed, PTN2 can be used just like a cassette player.

The keys that can be used when the cover is installed are the Power Key, Play/Stop Key, Rewind Key, Forward Key, Title Selection Key, Volume Key, Tone Key, Eject Key, and Sleep Timer Key.

Rechargeable battery included

The battery provides up to 5 hours for DAISY book playback on a CD.

Other functions

Sleep timer function

Sleep timer key

You can set the sleep timer to automatically turn the power off after a specified period of time. The maximum time i s 60 minutes, definable in increments of 15 minutes.


Back-up PTN2 tp PTP1

A DAISY CD can be backed up to an SD card or a USB device.

Backup between the SD card and the USB device is also possible.

The title backed up to an SD card or a USB device can be deleted by navigating the menu.

Text / HTML Contents Playback Using Embedded Text-To-Speech Engine


PTN2 identifies text-based files on the SD card or USB flash memory automatically and reads files using the built-in text-to-speech (TTS) engine. You can navigate DAISY text books, simple text files, html files or Microsoft doc file by paragraph, sentence, word, character, etc.

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