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Firmware Upgrades

Network update is the ability to update the PLEXTALK Linio firmware via Internet. If newer firmware exists when the power is turned on, PLEXTALK asks if you want to update the firmware or not. If you want to update immediately, press the Enter key and updating starts. If you want to update later, press the Cancel key.

Please click here to update later via network or update manually.

NOTE: If your PLEXTALK Linio version is 2.02.00 or before, please upgrade your PLEXTALK Linio to version 4.06 at first. After upgrade to version 4.06, you can upgrade to version 5.00.
Also note that you CANNOT install another language firmware if your PLEXTALK Linio is configured in Canada version.

NOTE: Automatic Network update works with versions later than version 5. If your PLEXTALK Linio is still version 2 or before, please update to version 5 manually.

Please click here to get the installation instructions.

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