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1. Bug fix

  • Bug fix of issue in text reading of Cyrillic alphabet capital characters.

1. Text to speech (TTS)

  • High-quality TTS is supported (Nuance automotive voice).

2. DAISY Online

  • DAISY online books can be streamed or downloaded.
  • DAISY online Dynamic menu system is supported.
  • DAISY online OUT-OF-BAND model is supported. When DAISY online server selects OUT-OF-BAND model, the Linio automatically issues all new titles.
  • Audio label is supported.
  • DAISY online KXO exchange is supported.
  • Date and publisher information in the bookshelf media is supported.
  • Return the book by Eject key in bookshelf titles, so you can return the book with mask cover attached.

3. Media and title navigation

  • Media selection level by keys 2,4,6 and 8.
  • Media selection by next/previous title key. In the V4.06.00 or previous versions, you had to push and hold the title key to change media. From V5.00.00, when you are at the last title in a specific media, pushing the title key takes you to the first title in the next media.
  • Skips non-recognized media from media selection.
  • Inserting LAN cable to open bookshelf media.

4. Contents support

  • Webradio is supported.
  • Podcast is supported.
  • EPUB2 is supported. (Non protected EPUB2 files.)
  • LKF format is supported.
  • Compatibility issue between DAISY 3 text books generated by DAISY pipeline tool is solved.

5. Bluetooth function

  • A2DP Bluetooth headphone is supported.
  • Bluetooth AVRCP remote key on the A2DP headphone is supported.

6. Others

  • Plexvoice for higher sound quality in lower and higher speed.
  • Additional speed level (0.875) in lower speed range.
  • Network update is supported.
  • WPA2 PSK TKIP security type is supported.
  • Inserting a wired LAN cable automatically selects wired network in the system settings.
  • When inserting a CD with multiple titles, a voice message announces the number of titles
    on the CD.
  • USB media formatting menu.

Media and title selection

  • Push and hold previous title key selects previous media.

Flemish language support

  • Flemish version PLEXTALK Linio is now available. TTS voice for Flemish version are “Flemish – Ellen” and “French – Virginie”

DAISY online setting menu

  • Load the setting menu of DAISY online
    • When you load the DAISY online setting file from this menu, you can enable DAISY online functions. DAISY online setting file will be provided from DAISY online service provider.
  • Confirm and change the setting of DAISY online
    • You can confirm the name of DAISY online service, user id, and password from this menu.
  • Delete the setting of DAISY online
    • This menu is to delete the DAISY online setting.

DAISY online bookshelf support

  • When the book is delivered from DAISY online service, these books are listed in bookshelf. DAISY online bookshelf appears as a one of the media. You will access the bookshelf by press and holding title key. When you open the DAISY online bookshelf, select the available titles by previous or next title key. Push play stop key to start playback of the title.

Streaming playback of bookshelf titles

  • When the book is selected from bookshelf, PLEXTALK Linio / PTX1 Pro plays the book by streaming. Operations of DAISY navigations, and bookmarks are as same as local contents.

Bookshelf menu

  • DAISY online bookshelf is updated when every power on, or every 12 hours. When you want to update bookshelf now, Please use bookshelf menu. This menu option updates the DAISY online bookshelf now.

Announcement from DAISY online service

  • When DAISY online service provide announcement service. An “Announcement” media appears in a media selection. Announcement service will be provided from DAISY online service provider.

Network version up

  • System property menu has a Network version up option. When latest version of Plextalk software is available, you can update your Plextalk device from network version up menu.

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