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PLEXTALK Recording Software Pro

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Plextalk Recording Software (PRS)

Release Notes
PLEXTALK Recording Software Version

1. Bug fix

  1. Fixed the import issue that the PRS imports incomplete all sections of DAISY file.

Release Notes
PLEXTALK Recording Software Version

1. Function change

  1. The sound quality in the default setting for audio export is changed to “mp3 32kbps mono”.

2. Bug fixes

  1. 1) Corrected an issue where the “DAISY date”, “Source date” and “Source publisher” become blank , if the title is generated by audio export.
  2. 2) Corrected an issue where the record button is grayed out when audio import or text import is applied.

Release Notes
PLEXTALK Recording Software Version

1. Revised content meta information


      – “Publisher” is now shown as “DAISY Publisher”
    [Additional meta information]

      -“Source publisher” corresponding to “ncc:sourcePublisher”
      – “Source date” corresponding to “ncc:sourceDate”
      – “DAISY date” corresponding to “dc:date”

2. Support “UTF-8” and “UTF-16” as character set on DAISY import and ToC import.

(Character set is automatically detected.)

      – When performing build book, error messages appears if necessary audio file is missing from project

3. Bug fixes

  1. (1) Corrected issue on Windows7/Vista, where PRS crashes if separating phrase window is opened and closed quickly.
  2. (2) On Windows7/Vista, volume controls of playback and recording in the menu or on the main window now works independently.
  3. (3) On Windows7/Vista, dragging the mouse now selects multiple section/phrase on the main window.
  4. (4) Descriptions are now settled in the window.
  5. (5) When writing multi title disc by enabling “last session information”, the title list of the previous session now is now sorted by alphanumeric order of folder names and the last title is added to the top of the list.
  6. (6) Corrected an issue when writing multi title disc by disabling “last session information”, where sub folders of previous session can still be viewed.
  7. (7) Audio import now supports WAVE file (PCM) extracted by Windows Media Player.
  8. (8) Corrected an issue where, if the phrase contains comment and page mark, the comment is deleted when page mark is cleared. Now the comment remains when the page mark is cleared.
  9. (9) Corrected an issue where the sound quality becomes worse if audio is converted from stereo to monaural.
  10. (10) Corrected an issue where, on Windows 7/Vista, a phrase is not replayed when left cursor key is pressed during phrase playback.
  11. (11) Corrected an issue where, after writing to a CD-R/RW, the files in the disc cannot be accessed through Windows explorer until PRS is shutdown.
  12. (12) Corrected an issue where a meta information violates DAISY standard.
  13. (13) Corrected an issue where, when PRS is newly installed, the noise level in recording setting is not set to default (-28dB).
  14. (14) Corrected an issue where the same recording speed appears several times when specific model of CD/DVD drive is connected.

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