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  • Q.1-1

    What is the difference between the PTR1 and PTR2?

  • A.1-1

    PTR2 has a separate menu key, Separate volume up and down keys and a relocated eject key.

  • PTR2 has a modified body shape in durable plastic.
  • The recording level, speed and tone control switches have been moved to the right side of the unit The power switch has been moved to the right side of the unit and can now be locked with the use of the key lock/key describer switch.
  • The card slot has been moved to the front of the unit under the CD drive and is now a CF card slot rather than a PCMCIA slot. A CF card is provided with the unit.
  • The microphone socket is now stereo rather than mono.
  • PTR2 accepts the plug-in power type of external microphone.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) is now available, if selected, for use with the external microphone and the Line in options as well as the built in microphone.
  • The USB interface with a computer can now be used to directly access not only the CD drive but also the CF card.
  • PTR2 has 2 modes of operation. These are Normal mode and Book Creator mode. Normal mode provides a simplified method of producing a DAISY recording. Book Creator mode gives the user access to more advanced editing functions.
  • Heading and page markers can now be positioned using 0.1 second adjustments rather than ‘attaching’ them to specific phrases.
  • About other differences, see the following table.


    Comparative chart between PTR1 and PTR2

    Item PTR2 PTR1
    External Microphone Jack 3.5mm in diameter stereo mini-jack 3.5mm in diameter monaural mini-jack
    USB Card drive (reader) function Available Not available
    USB CD drive function Available Available
    Externally connected terminal USB1.1 USB1.1
    CF Card 64MB media is attached.
    Card slot CF card Type I / Type II PCMCIA
    Playable audio file format for Audio file CD/Card MP3, Wave(PCM), Ogg Vorbis MP3
    Operating time with battery DAISYCD: 6 hours
    Music CD: 2.5 hours
    CF card: 8 hours
    DAISYCD: 4 hours
    Music CD: 2.5 hours
    CF card: 6 hours
    (Width x Length x Height)
    167mm x 205mm x 50mm 150mm x 180mm x 38mm
    Weight 940g 860g

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