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CD Drive

  • Internal CD Drive is changed and supported.

CD Drive

  • Internal CD Drive interface is changed to Serial ATA.

Bug fix

  • Japanese character support (Japanese version only)
  • MP3 files with watermark are supported (Except for Japanese version)
  • In cases of where the heading text is longer than 128Bytes, PLEXTALK may not play the section.(Higher bit rate MP3 causes audio to break up, due to watermark support.)
  • Fix the problem of CD total capacity incorrectly announced in some cases.

Bug fix

  • The issue that Plextalk failed to “Search for edited information in the disc“ has been fixed. This issue happened on V1.10 or later version PTR2 with DW-224SL-R internal CD drive.
  • Some contents stored on a CD may have had a few seconds of audio disruption during playback thus this issue has been fixed.
  • “Erase selecting title “ remains unnecessary audio file in CF card. This issue has been fixed.

  • The maximum duration of period to announce a title message after inserting a CD or a CF card has been extended from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • The problems of improper setting of time stamps and guidance of used space and the problem of the calculator have been fixed.

Support for Other Products


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