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PLEXTALK Recording Software Pro supports DAISY playback, DAISY Recording by Microphone/Line-in and Recording Onto Media.

*Recording source/media : Depending on PC environment.

DAISY Recording Software.

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  • It enables a blind or partially sighted person to create a DAISY audio book independently.
  • All menus and navigation are fully accessible from the keyboard.
  • Built-in voice guidance and display options allow you to customize the software for your particular needs.
  • Recordings can be edited easily using word processing style commands.
  • Use of MP3 encoding gives up to 90 hours of audio recording on a single CD.
  • Built-in CD writing facilities – you don’t need separate software for this purpose.
  • Capable of creating multiple book CDs.
  • Import and edit existing DAISY books or combine several books into one.
  • Text import feature to allow rapid conversion of text to an audio format using synthesized speech.
  • Table of Contents (ToC) import feature to speed up the production process.
  • Audio conversion facility to change the audio format of your projects.

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