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PLEXTALK PTR2 supports DAISY playback, DAISY Recording by Microphone/Line-in, Recording Onto Media, CD, USB, CF card and DAISY edit with editable software.

*Recording media: CD, USB, CF

Take talking books and music with you.

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Specifications List

1. Main Specifications

Item Specification
Loading System Slot insertion
Compatible CDs 12 cm CD, CD-R, and CD-RW
PLEXTALK is only compatible with round CDs. Irregularly shaped CDs, such as the business card type, will cause a malfunction and should not be used.
Playable Contents Books conforming to DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 2.0 standards, CD-DA, Audio file CD or CF card
CDs or Cards on which audio files have been written to the discs. Audio files include MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and Wave (PCM).
Playable Audio Formats for the DAISY Books. MP3, MP2, DAISY ADPCM2, PCM
Recording Methods DAISY 2.02, CD-DA
Recording Audio Formats for the DAISY 2.02. PCM 44.1kHz Stereo, PCM 22.05kHz Mono (Book creator mode only), MP3 256kbps Stereo, MP3 128kbps Stereo, MP3 64kbps Mono, MP3 32kbps Mono, MP3 16kbps Mono
Audio Input and Output Headphone terminal (Stereo), Line input terminal (Stereo), External microphone terminal (Stereo), Build-in microphone (Monaural), Build-in speaker (Monaural)
Externally Connected Terminal USB 1.1, type B
CF Card Slot Compact Flash Association card (Type I, Type II)
Clock Precision Approximately 60 seconds per month
Power Source AC adaptor, AC 100 V to 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions & Weight Length 205 mm, width 167 mm, height 50 mm Weight Approx. 940g
Power Consumption (Maximum) 20W
Working Temperature and Humidity Fahrenheit from 40 to 104 (Celsius from 5 to 40), humidity from 20% to 80%, no moisture.

2. Audio Features

Item Specification
(line output)
Compatible Impedance 32 ohm unbalanced
Jack 3.5mm in diameter stereo mini-jack
External Microphone Input Impedance 2.2k ohm unbalanced
Jack 3.5mm in diameter stereo mini-jack
Line Input Input Impedance 20k ohm unbalanced
Jack 3.5mm in diameter stereo mini-jack
Build-In Speaker Output Impedance 8 ohm
Output 150mW
Build-in Microphone Mode Electric condenser microphone
Record Level LED Under Level "Low" -25 dB (from peak)
Proper Level "Good" -12 dB (from peak)
Over Level "High" -3 dB (from peak)

3. Main Functions

Item Specification
Voice Guide Guides operation by voice.
Provides key explanation. (Press and hold key when key lock is on.)
Menu explanation. (Press and hold the 5 key when selected menu command.)
Search Function Heading, Page, Time, Bookmark, Group Album, Track, File
Volume Adjustment 0 to 20 (increments of 1)
Guide Volume Adjustment 0 to 20 (increments of 1)
Play Speed Adjustment 1 adjustment: -2, -1, standard, +1 to +8 (increments of 1)
-2 is 0.5 times speed, +4 is double speed, +8 triple speed
Tone Adjustment 13 adjustments: -6 to -1, standard, 1 to 6 (increments of 1)
Recording Time (for CD-R or RW Type 80, 700 MB) CD-DA Approx. 80 min.
DAISY PCM 44.4KHz stereo Approx. 65 min.
PCM 22.05KHz mono Approx. 4.3 hours.
MP3 256 kbps stereo Approx. 6 hours.
MP3 128 kbps stereo Approx. 11 hours.
MP3 64 kbps monaural Approx. 22hours.
MP3 32 kbps monaural Approx. 45 hours.
MP3 16 kbps monaural Approx. 90 hours.
Recording Level Adjustment 0 to 20 (increments of 1)
Memory Function Bookmark and voice bookmark 10,000 instances
Notepad and Voice Bookmarks Total 30 min.
Calculator Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

4. Battery

Item Specification
Type Lithium ion
Capacity 2,200 mAh
Charging Time Approx. 5 hours
Charging Time DAISY format CD Recording Approx. 2.5 hours
Playing Approx. 6 hours
Compact Flash Recording Approx. 8 hours
Playing Approx. 8 hours
Micro Drive Recording Approx. 7 hours
Playing Approx. 7 hours
CD-DA format CD Recording Approx. 2.5 hours
Playing Approx. 4 hours
Dimensions Length 40 mm, width 75 mm, height 20 mm

Note: Charging time and operating time vary depending on the ambient temperature and working conditions.

5. CD-R/RW Drive Specifications


Item Specification
Useable CD Formats CD-Audio, CD-ROM (Mode1 and Mode2), CD-ROM XA (Mode2, Form1/2), CD-I (mode2, form1 and form2), CD-I Ready, CD-I Bridge, CD-R, CD-RW, Photo CD, Video CD, Enhanced Music CD, CD-TEXT
Writing Modes Disc-at-once, Session-at-once, Track-at-once, Packet writing (Fixed/variable), Multi-session
Disc Diameter 12 cm, Type 74, Type 80


Item Specification
Transfer Rate Read speed 4 times to 6 times CAV
Writing Speed 8 times CLV *
Rewriting Speed High Speed CD-RW 8 times CLV*
Multi Speed CD-RW 4 times CLV
Burst Read or Write 12Mbps (USB1.1)
Access Time Random (Typical) 120ms
Full Stroke (Typical) 270ms
Buffer 2MB
Uncorrectable Error Rates Mode1 and Mode2 Form1 Less than 1 in 10 E12
Mode2 Form2 and CD Audio Less than 1 in 10 E9

Note: At USB1.1interface, the actual value is about 5X or 6X speed.

Minimum system requirement

Item Specification
PC PC/AT compatible (DOS/V machine)
Operating Systems Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Minimum CPU Celeron 400MHz
Minimum Memory 128 MB
Interface USB1.1
Minimum HDD Size 2GB free space

6. Memory Card Drive Specifications.

Item Specification
Available Card Compact Flash Association Type I, Type II
File System FAT32/16
PC PC/AT compatible (DOS/V machine)
Operating Systems Windows Me/2000/XP
Minimum CPU Celeron 400MHz
Minimum Memory 128 MB
Interface USB1.1
Minimum HDD Size 2GB free space

7. Option


Description Product No. Capacity
Lithium ion battery pack 013-6537-01 2,200 mAh

Recommended CD-R/RW

Purpose of use Media Manufacturer
DAISY recording For PC data CD-R Verbatim, TDK, TAIYO YUDEN, Maxell
CD-RW Verbatim, Ricoh (Multi speed or High speed)
Music recording For Audio CD-R TDK, TAIYO YUDEN, Maxell

CD-RW in packet-write format cannot be used straight away. All data in CD-RW must be cleared through “Erase CD-RW” under the menu “Media management”.
24x Ultra Speed and 32x Ultra Speed Plus CD-RW media are not supported. Please use Multi speed or High speed CD-RW media.
All CD-RW Media is rewritable up to 1,000 times.

Recommended CF Cards

Manufacture Name Model No Capacity
SanDisk Compact Flash card SDCFB-256-A10 256MB
SDCFB-512-A10 512MB
SDCFB-1024-A10 1GB
SDCFB-2048-A10 2GB
Microdrive 3K2
3K4 4GB
3K6 6GB

Comparing to CF card, micro drive is weak for shock from outside because it includes a hard disk drive.
When you purchase 4GB or 6GB micro drive and use it in PTR2 for the first time, you will hear the announce “Erase card, are you sure?” When you select “Yes”, the card is erased and you can start using.

Recommended Microphones

Manufacturer Type Model No
Shure Vocal Microphone SM58
Audio Technica Condenser Microphone Plug-in power AT9841
SONY Condenser Microphone Plug-in power ECM-DS30P

When a condenser microphone is used, it must be plug-in power compatible and must be used correctly, otherwise, it may get damaged. Please read the microphone manual carefully before use.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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