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Installation Instructions for firmware update

Step 1: Download file

  • Download the firmware file to your computer.
  • Execute the .exe file or unzip the .zip file. The program creates new folder “PlexVerUp” and copies data for firmware upgrade.
  • Copy the created folder to root of SD card or a USB drive.

Step 2:Install Firmware into PLEXTALK

In case of PTX1 Pro

  • Connect the PTX1 Pro to AC power using the PTX1 Pro power adapter.
  • Insert the SD card or the USB drive containing the PlexVerUp folder and turn on the PTX1 Pro.
  • The installation process will be executed automatically and takes approximately 4 minutes.
  • When upgrade installation is completed, PTX1 Pro will automatically re-boot.
  • Remove the SD card or the USB drive after the firmware upgrade and delete the created folder.

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