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June 17, 2009
Increase of Canadian distribution with sigining of agreement with Optelec Canada Inc., to market PLEXTALK product line in Quebec, Canada

Los Angeles, CA – June 17, 2009 – Shinano Kenshi Corporation-Plextor LLC (SKC) has announced the signing of Optelec Canada Inc., to an exclusive agreement to help SKC introduce the company’s PLEXTALKR brand digital talking book players (DTBP) to users in Quebec, Canada. While this agreement enables SKC to build brand awareness of PLEXTALKR products outside the US, distribution of PLEXTALKR products in the French-speaking province of Canada also provides a host of benefits to those who need and use products that are designed and produced with assistive technology in mind.
“One of our primary goals it to build awareness among PLEXTALKR product users and to give them options in making their choice of which brand of device they wish to use,” said Rex Bergsma, President & CEO, Shinano Kenshi Corporation. “SKC-PLEXTOR is the world’s largest producer of digital talking book players with arguably the highest quality and the most reliability among those on the market. We believe that not enough Canadians are aware of these facts thus cannot take advantage of our products. We are confident that our relationship with Optelec will help increase the awareness of our products in Quebec.”
Deana Valdez, Sales & Marketing Manager, SKC added. “We are very pleased to be working together with Optelec. It is a company that is a world-leader in assistive technology and they will be an integral part of SKC’s effort to increase awareness of the PLEXTALKR brand, especially in the French-speaking part of Canada.”
“Optelec sees many opportunities in their relationship with SKC and PLEXTALKR products,” said Robert Auger, Managing Director, Optelec. “Our partnership with Shinano Kenshi Corporation-PLEXTOR, LLC. enables us to introduce a series of new Daisy players to people with low vision or blindness throughout Quebec, Canada. This association will be beneficial for the low vision community in that it will help increase access to books and magazines through innovative and life-changing assistive technologies.”

About the Companies

Shinano Kenshi Co., Shinano Kenshi Corporation & PLEXTALKR.

Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. is responsible for the development and manufacturing of digital talking book players and other products sold under the brand name of PLEXTALKR. Shinano and PLEXTALKR assistive technology products are created to improve the quality of life, self-reliance and independence of their users. Shinano Kenshi Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

Optelec Canada Inc.

Optelec Canada Inc. develops various optical and electronic tools that address varying needs and situations faced by those who are visually impaired and dyslexic, especially among those in the population who are aging and must cope with vision loss and special challenges. Optelec promotes the company’s primary goals of changing people’s lives by developing and distributing useful products to the extent to which they become readily available.

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Deana Valdez, Sales and Marketing Manager for North America-Plextalk Shinano Kenshi Corp. Phone: 310-693-7629 dvaldez@shinano.com
SHINANO KENSHI CORP 6065 Bristol Parkway Culver City, CA 90230 Phone: 310-693-7600 Fax: 310-693-7599


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