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September 18, 2009
Shinano KenshiCo., Ltd. sponsors International DAISY Technical Conference (DAISY2009), Leipzig, Germany in 21-27 September to discuss a future posture of DAISY and digital talking books !

The International DAISY Technical Conference (DAISY 2009), sponsored by Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd., the world leader of DAISY digital talking book players and recorders, will be held at Hotel RAMADA, Leipzig of Germany in September 21 to 27. The Conference, focusing on iConnecting the Future!I, will discuss a future posture of DAISY, a world standard of accessible digital talking books, and give users, government authorities, libraries and other entity who are involved in the development of DAISY opportunities to see some parts of such a future of the technology. Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary company Plextor Europe will show you our achievements of our current developments of DAISY player, which we would say have a potential of a paradaim shift of distribution and reading of digital talking books for quality of life of people with visually impaired and learning disability. One of the upcoming technologies is a sample implementation of DAISY Online Delivery protocol on a player side. The DAISY Online Delivery protocol will realize a feature to stream or download a daisy book from a content server so that their users can get DAISY books on their players more easily and faster. We will demonstrate some of the feature on our latest product, PTX1, the first network-capable DAISY player in the world, at the conference. We will also prepare to show other new and unique technology applications of our products, which we believe will facilitate usersI reading environment. The demonstration will be started at 11:15 on 24 September in the Presentation of Adaptive Technology of the Conference. You can also feel the latest technologies on DAISY and digital talking book player device.at Plextor exhibition booth during 23 to 25 September.


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