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August 29, 2011
Plextalk has launched the new DAISY player, PLEXTALK PTN2 Cross

1. Plextalk has launched the new DAISY player, PLEXTALK PTN2 Cross

Get there easily with the new

The new PTN2 Cross opens up the navigation keys, allowing you to move through chapters, paragraphs or phrases. It allows you direct access to the DAISY functionalities, whether you are reading a newspaper, magazine or book.

For leisure reading PTN2 Cross

Enjoy reading with the


You can listen to DAISY books, but also to documents and music in MP3 and all other major sound formats. The cover reveals a few keys, offering only intuitive operations, such as those on a CD player.

For leisure reading with more intuitive. PTN2


2. PLEXTALK PTN2 Firmware Upgrade: Version 3.05

Automatic play:

When a CD, SD, or USB memory is inserted, PTN2 starts playback automatically.


Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish


Supports.DOC- files on SD-card and USB-files larger than 1MB.

Enhanced MP3 playback compatibility.

Bug fix:

Supports back-ups of the titles that have over 1000 headings (like talking Newspapers)

Where to find the upgrade?


New: Audible books can be read with the different versions of the Plextalk PTN2



3. News around the PLEXTALK Pocket PTP1

Watch our Video Tutorials to find out what the PLEXTALK Pocket PTP1 can do! http://www.plextalk.eu/top/products/ptp1/tutorials/#video

Version 5.03 in Dutch with Flemish and French TTS voice is now available:



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