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December 7, 2011
The PLEXTALK Recording Software is now bundled with the PLEXTALK Pocket!

    The PLEXTALK Recording Software is now bundled with the PLEXTALK Pocket

    The PLEXTALK Pocket is the only portable player that offers both DAISY playback and recording. And it now includes the highly praised PRS Software for free! The PLEXTALK Recording Software (PRS) is a DAISY 2.02 production tool, which can import DAISY 2.0 content for editing or upgrading. Three functions are available in one package: Recording, Editing and CD-R Writing. This means that with the PLEXTALK Pocket, you now can create your own DAISY-books and define a multi-level DAISY structure in all your recordings!

    If you already have a PLEXTALK Pocket, you can download the installer on our website and install it onto your computer while your player is connected to it via USB. Go to the following link where you also can find the file and the latest manual to download:   http://www.plextalk.eu/en/top/support/ptp1/softwaredownloads/
    Compliant with Windows 7, Vista and XP, the new version of the PRS Software is also available to PTR2 users. Similar to the procedure for the Pocket, the PTR2 needs to be connected to your computer via USB cable during the installation of the software.

    No computer? The PLEXTALK Pocket is still the right mobile device for you!

    Did you know that you can directly copy CDs from the PTN2 desktop player to the PLEXTALK Pocket? Simply use the USB cable included with Pocket.

    If you don’t have the PTN2, you can opt for the PLEXTOR CD-Drive. With this accessory you can also copy your CDs directly into the Pocket.

    In both cases, you can access your content even if you don’t have a computer!

    Offer reading pleasure for Christmas

    When you offer a player from Plextalk, you grant your dearest ones an extraordinary reading experience. Our DAISY players are famous for high quality and simplicity so that each user can fully enjoy the pleasure of reading.


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