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July 20, 2011
PLEXTALK announces the DAISY online player in Dutch, New firmware for the Pocket and Video tutorials on its new Website: www.plextalk.com


1. New firmware version for PTX1 PRO.

    In June 2011 Plextalk launched the firmware for PTX1 PRO in Dutch version. This firmware allows the PTX1 PRO user to connect to the DAISY online system www.anderslezen.be.
    In Flanders, the Talking Newspaper organization, Kamelego, launched the application successfully and now PTX1 PRO users can stream the daily talking newspaper to the Online DAISY player PTX1 PRO. Firmware Upgrades

daisy player ptx1

2. New firmware for the Plextalk Pocket PTP1 version 5.03

    In March 2011, version 5.0 was launched to enable the Podcast and Web radio function which are provided by the Wireless connection of the Pocket. Many radio stations publish a web radio file (.PLS) containing nested links; with the Pocket version 5.03, it is now possible to start streams using these nested links. Some bug fixes and small improvements are implemented in this version. Version 5.03 is available in English, German, French, Dutch and Swedish. daisy player ptp1

    3. Plextalk Transfer Software version 2.0 (PTS)

      Now the localized version of Plextalk Transfer Software V 2.0 is available, it allows the user to use his own language for configuring the network, transferring content like DAISY, Audio books, Audible content and programming Podcasts and Web radio’s. The PTS is available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Dutch and Swedish. When installing it automatically selects the language set from the regional settings of your Windows system.

    4. Video Tutorials.

      Plextalk Europe created a series of Video user guides to assist users how to use several functions of the PLEXTALK Pocket. One of the video guides shows how easy it is with the PLEXTALK Pocket to read a DAISY book and navigate through it. Other topics covered are the DAISY recording function, the Network configuration, Category browsing, Podcast Download etc.
      Pocket PTP1 Video tutorials

    5. You can also find PLEXTALK news on Facebook and Twitter:

      Go to Facebook PLEXTALK.eu site PLEXTALK-EUROPE Facebook page
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