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Immediate access to talking books, newspapers, and magazines!

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PLEXTALK Linio with online capabilities

Your books are ready to be read online.

Many libraries serving the visually impaired have started an online book distribution service by using the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol (DODP). The DODP allows computer-free online distribution directly to a talking book player.
When you call a library for books of your interest, you will have access to the books using your PLEXTALK Linio. Some libraries or organizations will regularly and automatically distribute newspapers or magazines that you subscribe to on your PLEXTALK Linio.

Store your books into your PLEXTALK Linio

The PLEXTALK Linio has an internal memory where you can store books, newspapers or magazines.

Search books of your interest

You can search and find books of your interest using your PLEXTALK Linio. Type the title name or the author’s name on your Linio and you will get a list of the results. You can also call your library and access the list with the recent published titles you selected.

instant books, newspapers, or magazines delivery via the internet.

Note: Service types of online distribution vary depending on libraries. Please check with your library.

Three easy steps to read online books

Step 1

Connect the wireless network router to your internet modem.

Open the box and connect the wireless network router to your Internet modem via the LAN cable.

Step 2

Power on your PLEXTALK Linio

When the power is on, your books are ready to be read online.

Step 3

Select your books.

Select your preferred book by the title key and start reading by the play key.

Portable and hands free

Wireless online access

Wireless LAN

Wireless online access is provided by your Internet connection.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth headphone

Bluetooth connection will be supported so that you can listen to your titles with a wireless headphone.

Rechargeable battery

long life battery

Rechargeable battery is included and you can playback even when the AC adaptor is disconnected.

Carry handle


The handle of the optional carry bag allows you to bring the unit with you with one hand.
The shoulder strap can be adjusted for your comfort.

Reliable design

High sound quality

Hi-Fi speaker

Hi-Fi speaker is optimized to provide a clear sound, especially for human voices.

Scratch guard

rubber slot-in mechanism

The rubber slot-in disc mechanism prevents the disc from scratching when inserting or ejecting CD’s.

Shock resistant

Shock resistant

Even when dropped from a height of 70 cm, the internal stabilizers and rubber edges absorb shocks, keeping your player up and running.


waterproof keypad

The special rubber keypad offers protection against liquids.

A variety of media

PLEXTALK Linio PTX1Cross equips
Online bookshelf

via wireless or wired network connection.

USB device

like USB flash memory or PLEXTALK Pocket


card up to 32GB


internal memory (1.4GB user area)


for DAISY book, audio book, and music!

Other functions

DAISY/e-Text Playback

DAISY logoText-to-Speech engine
  • Advanced navigation functions in heading, group, page, phrase, bookmark, album, track, level, screen, paragraph, line, sentence, spell, word or character. (*Depending on the content)
  • Reading Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX, plain text, html or DAISY text by text-to-speech.
  • Audio files: MP3, unprotected WMA, AMR-WB+, Ogg Vorbis, Wave (PCM) formats, Music CDs (CD-DA).
  • Bookmarks, maximum 10,000 items.
  • The playback speed can be changed from 0.5 to 3 times true speed. The tone can be changed from -6 to +6.
  • Intuitive operation

    Cross key
  • Cross key layout with the PLEXTALK Linio. The full key layout is accessible when the cross cover is removed.
  • The sleep timer function turns the player automatically off at a set time.
  • Voice guides help the user through all key operations and menu items.
  • Key description mode.
  • Built-in user’s guide in DAISY format.
  • Removable cover
    Cross cover

    Flexible data management

  • Supported disk:12cm diameter, Stamped CD, CD-R, CD-RW
  • LAN:10/100Base-TX 1 port, IEEE802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth Ver2.1+EDR
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Compatible with SDHC to support up to 32GB.
  • Plays content on USB flash memory drives with USB 2.0 high speed.
  • A DAISY CD can be recorded onto a SD card or a USB device and internal memory. Recording between SD card and USB device are also possible.
  • Option

    All-in-one package image

    All-in-one network package

    With this package, the PLEXTALK Linio is provided with a wireless router.
    Configuring the network settings is no longer necessary and you can take full advantage of the player, even if you had no Internet connection.
    (This availability of the package will be announced by PLEXTALK.)

    carry bag

    Carry bag

    You can put the carry bag on your shoulder or hold it by the handle.
    Specially designed for the PLEXTALK Linio, it is adjustable and nice looking so that you can bring the player with you.

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