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PLEXTALK Linio Pocket supports DAISY online, Web Radio Streaming, Podcast Downloading, DAISY playback, DAISY Recording by Microphone/Line-in, Recording Onto Media, 8GB Internal memory, SD card, USB and DAISY edit with editable software.

*Recording media: 8GB Internal Memory, SD and USB

*CD playable with external USB drive

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Listen to The Newspaper Every Morning

listen to the newspaper

PLEXTALK Linio Pocket is the world’s first portable DAISY online player and recorder, designed for the visually impaired and dyslexic to stream or download talking newspapers, magazines and books online.

PLEXTALK Linio Pocket on your palm.

Immediate Access to The Book of Your Interest

enjoy the class

You can immediately access any material of your interest online wherever you have an Internet connection to a DAISY online service. It’s not necessary any more to wait for a CD to be delivered. It will significantly help you to reinvent your independent and brilliant life.

What is the DAISY Online?


The global standard on online book distribution has been developed by the DAISY Consortium. Streaming and downloading are made possible on various book readers/players like talking book players, mobile devices, personal computers, etc. It also brings additional features such as the search function.

* Service types of online distribution vary by country. Ask your library representative for more information.
This information is current as of July 2013.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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