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PLEXTALK Recording Software Pro

DAISY Recording Software.

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Recommended PC Specification

Item Specification
Computer PC/AT compatible machine
Operating System Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)
Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit) SP2
Windows XP (32bit) SP3
Processor (CPU) Intel Celeron 400 MHz or higher
Memory 128 MB or higher
Screen Resolution 800 by 600 pixels or higher
Hard Disk (HDD) 1 GB for software installation (including temporary image file area for CD writing) and 2 GB or more of free disk space for recorded content
Sound card Creative Labs SoundBlaster series
Voice Guidance Complies with Microsoft Speech API 4.0 TTS engines. (Included in this software) Mary, Mike, Sam, Mary (for Telephone), Mike (for Telephone), Female Whisper, Mary in Space, Mary in Hall, Mary in Stadium, RoboSoft Six, RoboSoft Five, RoboSoft Four, Male Whisper, RoboSoft One, RoboSoft Two, RoboSoft Three, Mike in Hall, Mike in Stadium, Mike in Space.

*Please note this information is current as of November 2011.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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