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Webradio Playlists

How to create a webradio file?

  • Copy a link of mp3 file of the web site which you want to listen by the web radio function of the PLEXTALK Pocket.
  • In PLEXTALK Transfer software -> in Content type: select Radio Stations
  • Right click on the bottom window -> New Radio Station (or file – new radio station – Pocket window must be active)
  • Paste your copied link in the box of “URL”. You can enter your preferable name of the radio station in the Title box.

If the file is already created or downloaded:

  • In PLEXTALK Transfer software -> in Content type: select Radio Stations
  • Select the downloaded file in the top (PC window) and double click on it
  • The selected radio station is automatically transferred to the SD-card of the Pocket when it is connected.


The PLEXTALKTransfer software is available for download from this link.
Unpack it on a Windows PC and run the standard installation wizard.
The software is compatible with WindowsXP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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