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Parts EOL

  • Support compatible internal CD drive.

Functional update

  • DAISY Compatibility update.
  • Croatian version is released.

Parts EOL

  • Support new internal CD drive and other IC parts.

Functional update

  • MP3 audio file compatibility update
  • Pause time between sentences during text contents playback is adjusted.

Bug fix

  • Corrected issue of incorrect detection of text or audio format in some DAISY content.
  • Corrected issue where battery status was incorrectly reported.
  • Corrected issue where the total, elapsed and remaining time was incorrectly announced when total content time exceeds 100 hours.


  • Support new embedded CD drive parts.


  • Bug fix: Fixed a decrease in the volume introduced in v3.05.

Automatic play

  • When a CD, SD, or USB memory is inserted, PTN2 starts playback automatically.


  • Supports.DOC- files on SD-card and USB-files larger than 1MB.
  • Enhanced MP3 playback compatibility.
  • Bug fix: Supports back-ups of the titles that have over 1000 headings (like talking Newspapers)

New Contents Support

  • PDTB2 NLS content support.
    • Backup the DAISY PDTB (Protected Digital Talking Book) on the root folder of NLS cartridge or other USB devices.
    • Support NLS KXO key.
    • PDTB key name confirmation on System Property of the Menu system.
  • WMA support (Protected WMA is not supported.)
  • Microsoft .doc support (.docx is not supported.)

More Simplified and Intuitive Operations

  • Quick response of key navigation.
    • Key response in the Menu system.
    • Key response in the text content playback.
    • Quick power on function.
  • Key response in the title selection menu.
  • Improvement of title selection message.
  • Changing the voice message order during the title selection.
  • Announcement of folder name where selected content is stored.
  • Automatic bookmark numbering when user does not want to enter the bookmark number.
  • Audio file name/ album name announcement. Setting to select track number or file name announcement on the Menu system.
  • Going back to the last selected title after canceling title selection mode.
  • Direct move to media selection mode when pressing and holding the Title key.
  • Identifies multiple DAISY content stored in the same folder.

More Powerful Navigation

  • Text navigation on DAISY content; by Screen, Line, Paragraph, Sentence, Word, Character.
    Text navigation on plain text, HTML content; by Header level 1 to 6, Screen, Line.
  • Direct title selection by numeric keys.
  • Select a title by category after pressing the Title Key then the Up/Down Keys.
  • Improved text content playback.
    • Smooth playback at the end of sentence, line or phrase.
    • Eliminated punctuation (quotation mark, etc.) reading.

Recording and Playing Feature Enhancement

  • Improved sound quality for MP3 backup from CD-DA (audio CD). Additional two sound qualities can be selected on Backup option.


  • Proper TTS language for Help manual.
  • Model name announcement on the System Property of the Menu system.
  • Announcement of information by pressing and holding the Play/Stop keys.

Usability Enhancement

  • For European languages, current time message is changed from AM/PM mode to 24 hour mode.

Bug fix

  • Backup fails after opening big size contents. It is now fixed.

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