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Bug fix

  • Fixed the PLEXTALK wrongly detected USB power after connection with PC issue.

Bug fix

  • Corrected the playback stop issue if a book contains letters except the 0-9 and A-Z (In the ISO-8859-02, letters larger than 0xA0).

Bug fix

  • Corrected wrong AC adaptor insert/remove guidance sound when turn on the PLEXTALK.

Key response improvement

  • Response against key operation is improved.

Bug fix

  • Wrongly reading of Russian character is corrected. (Only in Russian version.)
  • USB connection failure is corrected.
  • In version 6.00.00, there are devices that fail to connect PC with high rate. This is corrected.

Text to speech

  • Supports a higher quality TTS voice. PLEXTALK has two voices in the device. The first voice is updated to a higher quality TTS.
  • The Pause time between sentences has been adjusted.

Content support

  • EPUB2 is supported.

Content Compatibility updates

  • DAISY3 content compatibility updates.
  • Podcast compatibility updates.
  • WebRadio compatibility updates.
  • Improves compatibility of audio file playback when the playlist contains an incorrect path to an audio file.

Media and title management

  • Recording to USB media is supported.
  • Podcast, Webradio content on the USB media is supported.
  • Media selection by title key only selects currently inserted medias.
  • Number of recent, or new title list is increased to 50 titles.

Menu hierarchy

  • Network settings menu is added at the top menu item of menu key. Network related options are moved from system settings menu to network settings menu.


  • Plexvoice for higher sound quality in lower and higher speed.
  • Additional speed level (0.875) in lower speed range.
  • Wifi network security type automatic detection in the “available wireless network menu”.
  • WPA2 PSK TKIP security type is supported.
  • KXO file is automatically removed from SD media after KXO installation is finished.
  • “Auto” detection setting is added to Multimedia DAISY playback setting.
  • DAISY3 format is added in Build book and import option.
  • Text search function is enabled. (Except for Japan and China version)
  • Fix of user interface bug. Accepting Recording key during Webradio playback, or title selecting menu.
  • Correct issue when total, elapsed, and time remaining announcement is incorrect when total DAISY content exceeds 100 hours.
  • DAISY Skippable option support.
  • Navigation by percent in DAISY contents

TTS Feature Enhancement

  • Adjusted TTS sound loudness for better TTS sound quality at near maximum volumes on the built-in speaker.

New function support

  • Support the text search feature. (Only for Swedish firmware).
  • Support text memo feature to input the Cyrillic. (Only for Russian firmware).

Bug fix

  • Can not open the DOCX file which has the tag over 4096bytes

Bug fix

  • Some of LKF contents with contain CP866 code page LGK file caused system hang up. This issue is fixed by supporting CP866 code page.

Enhance compatibility of LKF file

  • Playback compatibility of LKF file including CP866 code is improved.

Content support

  • LKF file support.(Only for Russian firmware).

Enhance compatibility of Web Radio playback

  • PTP1 plays Web Radio that has nested links to the stream of the radio station URL.
  • Web Radio error message “unsupported format” is played when the stream is not supported.


  • Resume from power save mode by USB cable, AC power, headphone, and microphone/Line-in connection. (Only when Keylock is unlocked).
  • Enhance compatibility of MP3 file. You can play the MP3 file that has wrongly formatted ID3 tag.
  • Internet Archive (U.S.) PDTB2 support: To play DAISY 3 text encrypted by PDTB2.
  • BRL, BRF support (only for U.K English, European languages and Australian English firmware): To play Grade 2 English braille files using the TTS.

Bug fix

  • Battery level kept low after charging during power saving mode.
  • Can not build a book when the book has over than 1000 headings.
  • Can not create a new title when the SD card is empty.
  • A Daisy title is wrongly deleted when selecting a new title during recording preparation.
  • Playback sound becomes muted after headphone removed when key confirmation sound setting is off.

Podcast receiver and web radio streaming using wireless LAN capability
(for particular languages firmware)

  • Podcast receiver: Single or multiple episodes of podcast feeds are downloaded via the wireless LAN feature of the Pocket PTP1. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to podcast feeds using the ‘PLEXTALK Transfer for Pocket’ software. The Podcast category is announced when you press the Title Key and go to ‘Category’. The podcast menu has also been added in the Menu system.
  • Web radio streaming: When you download a play list file (PLS, M3U, ASX) from a web site to your computer and transfer it to the Pocket PTP1 the ‘PLEXTALK Transfer for Pocket’ software, you can stream a web radio station on your Pocket. The web radio category is announced when you press the Title Key and go to ‘Category’.

New contents support

  • Microsoft Word .docx file support: To read a Microsoft Word .docx file on the SD card or USB flash memory using the Text To Speech synthesizer (TTS). The Pocket PTP1 categorizes MS Word .docx in ‘text’ category.
  • BrailleNet (France) PDTB2 support: To play DAISY 3 text encrypted by PDTB2.
  • Internet Archive (U.S.) PDTB2 support: To play DAISY 3 text encrypted by PDTB2.
  • BRL, BRF support (only for U.K English, European languages and Australian English firmware): To play Grade 2 English braille files using the TTS.

New categories for easier title selection

  • ‘Recordings’ category has been added and the English ‘Audio’ category has been changed to ‘Music’ category. The categories for the title selection is ‘DAISY title’, ‘Recordings’, ‘Music’, ‘Text’, ‘Audio book’, ‘Podcast’ and ‘Web Radio’.

‘Recordings’ category for easier recording selection

  • ‘Recordings’ category has been added (see above) so the recordings you have recorded will be categorized separately from DAISY titles. This will enable you to easily find out and select a recording.

Enhanced ‘Music’ play and management

  • ‘Music’ category on English voice guide (see above): This was announced as ‘Audio’ on the previous version firmware.
  • Track-wise, album-wise, folder-wise or all-music play: You can play music by a track (an audio file), an album (a folder containing tracks or audio files), a folder (a folder containing albums) or all music in the SD card or a USB drive when you choose one of those selections on the Title Key.
  • Repeat play or shuffle play in an album or a folder selected, or in all music.

New music CD or DAISY CD back up features

  • An option to choose a category of either Music or Audio Book when you back up a music CD
  • Date insertion in a folder name where a music CD or a DAISY CD is backed up

Intuitive title management

  • ‘New titles list’ navigation added on the Go-to Key after pressing the Title Key.
  • Category-wise ‘Recent titles list’ navigation: up to 10 titles are listed in each category.
  • Audio book play: All audio files stored in the ‘PlexAudioBook’ folder are played as audio books, not as music. Pocket PTP1 handles a folder in ‘PlexAudioBook’ folder as an audio book title.
  • Date and publisher announcement for DAISY title: When choosing among DAISY titles, Pocket PTP1 announces the date and publisher name of each DAISY title.

Easy time jump

  • 10 minute or 30 second time jump: When you play music or an audio DAISY title, you can choose either of the time periods by the Up/Down Key and jump forward or backward by the Right/Left Key.
  • Slower maximum speed of fast forward and rewind: When you press and hold the Right/Left Key, Pocket PTP1 moves in a title every one minute as the maximum speed.
  • Quicker response on fast forward and rewind

Complete power off and power save mode

  • Complete power off: When you press and hold the power key for a longer period, you can turn off Pocket PTP1 completely to save power consumption while power is off. When power on, Pocket PTP1 takes about forty seconds to start up.
  • When you press and hold the Power Key for two seconds, you can turn Pocket PTP1 into power save mode. And whenever you press any key, Pocket PTP1 resumes from power save mode immediately.
  • If you keep Pocket PTP1 unused for two minutes, it goes into power save mode. And whenever you press any key, the Pocket PTP1 resumes from power save mode immediately and announces the current time and date.

More Network Setting menu options (for particular languages firmware)

  • Network device enabled/disabled: You can enable or disable the network device so that you can control its activation in particular places such as an aircraft.
  • Wireless network setting: You can search available wireless networks, add/delete/change the settings without your computer. The settings can also be done by transferring a setting file from your computer to the Pocket PTP1.
  • Network folder setting: You can change the network folder name, user ID and password without a computer. The settings can also be done by transferring a setting file from your computer to the Pocket PTP1.

Text memo (for particular languages firmware)

  • Create a text memo and save it into a plain text file on the SD card of Pocket PTP1: You can also edit the text memo or change the text file name using the Edit mode of the Pocket PTP1.

Other enhancements

  • Announcement of a name of a title you are going to back up or delete
  • Playing voice bookmarks while reading a text category file
  • File deletion: You can delete a file in Music, AudioBook or Podcast category.
  • A menu option to change audio or text playback of a multi-media DAISY title
  • Deletion PDTB decryption key: You can delete PDTB decryption keys installed in the Pocket PTP1.
  • Announcement of network status and remaining podcast episodes to be downloaded when pressing the Information Key

Bug fix

  • Backing up a DAISY title consisting of 1,000 or more files
  • Proper playback of text DAISY: Fixed 1) An issue that the Pocket PTP1 repeatedly plays a part of a particular text DAISY title, 2) An issue that the Pocket PTP1 hangs up after page navigation of a particular text DAISY title and 3) An issue of slow response of navigation when playing a particular large size text DAISY title.
  • Bookmark for music: When you have chosen an album or an individual audio file in Music category, you can use the bookmark function. Bookmarks on an album will be erased when you add or delete a file in the album.
  • MP3 compatibility: You can play MP3 files with ‘Frame Sync’ header in its ID3 tag.

Wireless network connection

  • Wireless LAN channel No. 12 and 13 are enabled for Europe language versions. This expansion allows your Pocket to connect to an access point which uses channel No. 12 or 13.

Wireless network connection

  • Network folder function: You can upload / download content between SD card in Pocket and your computer by wireless LAN capability.

Content support

  • Audible.com audio book support: Pocket supports Audible format 4.

More flexible adjustments of volume and speed

  • Different settings for content playback and voice guides
  • Different speed settings for ‘text’ (DAISY titles or text-based files), ‘audio books’ (DAISY audio book or Audible books) and ‘audio music’.
  • Different volume settings for headphone and the internal speaker.
  • “Guide speed” setting option has been moved from the Menu system to the “1″ Key (The Tone/Speed Key).

Enhancements for quick and easy navigation

  • “Shortcut menu” function: You can assign a shortcut for your favorite item in the Menu system to a Number Key Pad.
  • “Recently titles” list navigation added on the Go-to Key after pressing the Title Key.
  • Faster rewinding and forwarding speeds of Left/Right Key.
  • ‘Percent’ navigation during DAISY book playback.
  • Quick power on after pressing the Power Key.

More detailed navigation of text-based content

  • Spell navigation on text contents: Spelling out the characters with word message.
  • Telling the punctuations in the word navigation.

Other features for more ease-of-use

  • Folder name announcement during title selection.
  • Multiple DAISY books in one folder are recognized and played.
  • Pocket starts to play the Help manual automatically after pressing the ’0′ Key.
  • Default level of navigation for a DAISY book is the lowest level of heading in level 1 to 6.
  • The level of navigation of a DAISY title remains unchanged when pressing the Up/Down Key once.
  • Pocket opens the title selection menu automatically after removing the title on the media management of the Menu system.
  • Plug-in power suspended automatically when external audio is set at ‘line-in mode’.

Bug fix

  • Correct announcement after deleting a DAISY title by Media Management on the menu system. When you delete a title on a SD card where another title are available, your Pocket will move to that title and announce its title name.

New Contents Support

  • Serotek support: Protected DAISY books from serotek is now supported.

New Contents Support

  • Microsoft Word .doc file support: To read a Microsoft Word .doc file on SD card or USB flash memory by the TTS engine. Pocket PTP1 categorizes MS Word .doc in ‘text’.
  • WMA (Window Media Audio) support: To play back unprotected WMA format audio files on SD card or USB flash memory.
  • Bookshare book playback improvement: To announce the title name of a Bookshare book. To navigate a Bookshare book by page properly.

More Simplified and Intuitive Operations

  • All key responses have been improved. A key confirmation sound or a voice prompt comes up more quickly after pressing a key (fast forward, rewind, level navigation, direct title/content jump, menu selection, etc.).
  • New option to eliminate the sounds made after key press. On ‘Select the Key Press Confirmation Sound’ of ‘System Settings’ on the Menu, you can choose those sound ‘On’ or ‘Off’
  • Announce an album/track name of audio content. On ‘Reading audio file name’ of ‘Playback Settings’ of the Menu, you can choose the announcing options of either ‘Read Album/Track Name’ or ‘Read Album/Track Number’. Pocket PTP1 announces a folder name where the audio content is stored as the album name, and a file name without the file extension as the track name of the audio content.
  • Automatic bookmark numbering. If you do not want to determine the number of a bookmark you are going to set, just press the Bookmark Key twice then press the Enter Key, so Pocket PTP1 will automatically give the smallest bookmark number you were not using. If you press the ’0′ Key and the Enter Key after you press the Bookmark Key twice, Pocket PTP1 will also give you the smallest number automatically.
  • Changed the title/folder/category announcements. When you select a title after pressing the Title Key, Pocket PTP1 makes simple announcements than the previous versions. And when you want to select a folder by pressing the ‘Up’ Key following the Title Key, Pocket PTP1 announces the folder name.
  • Play text files more naturally when going to the next line.
  • Changed the order of the items in ‘System Settings’ of the Menu. ‘Initialize all settings to default’ has been moved to the last item.

More Powerful Navigation

  • Added two navigation levels for text playback; ‘line’ and ‘screen’. 1) Forty words or 2) less than forty words before a carriage return have been defined as a ‘line’. Forty lines has been defined as a ‘screen’.
    Now you can navigate a text file by screen, paragraph, line, sentence, word or character., and a DAISY title by heading (level 1 to 6), group, page, phrase, screen, paragraph, line, sentence, word or character if such items are defined on the DAISY title.
  • Added a DAISY-like level navigation feature for html files by recognizing H1 through H6 heading levels.

Recording and Playing Feature Enhancement

  • Improved the recording sound quality by MP3 for DAISY recording and voice memo.
  • Added MP3 high-quality modes on ‘Back-up’ of music CD. After pressing the ’9′ Key to back up a music CD on a CD drive connected to Pocket PTP1, you can select ‘MP3 256kbps high-quality’ or ‘MP3 128kbps high-quality’ in addition to the previous modes, ‘MP3 256kbps’, ‘MP3 128kbps’ and ‘PCM’. When you select either of the two modes, you can back up better sound quality music titles into a SD card. Please note that those modes need 20% to 90% more time to back up the music than the previous MP3 modes.
  • Enhanced the compatibility with variety of MP3 formats.
  • To announce decryption key information on the Menu. After you install a key to decrypt a PDTB title (for example, books from NLS or RFB&D), you can check whether the key has been installed properly by hearing this announcement. The announcement is heard on ‘System Properties’ of ‘System Settings’ on the Menu.

New Contents Support

  • NLS support: To install the key to decrypt and play NLS contents in a NLS cartridge or transferred from the NLS BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) site through PC
    Please click here for a guide to play NLS books on Pocket.
  • RFB&D support: To install UAK to decrypt and play RFB&D contents on Pocket PTP1
  • Ogg support: To play back Ogg audio files

TTS Feature Enhancement

  • Two languages TTS engines except U.K. or U.S. version firmware (one is English and the other is local language)
  • Announce the name of the voice of TTS when selecting the voice on the Menu Key, by speaking in the same language
  • Adjusted TTS sound loudness for better TTS sound quality at near maximum volumes on the built-in speaker

Response Improvement

  • Fast forward and rewind: To shorten the silent period around “5 seconds” and “10 seconds”
  • Quick key response: particularly responsiveness of right/left arrow keys when choosing DAISY titles

Navigation Feature Enhancement

  • Jump directly to a DAISY title or an album you want to play by selecting the title or album number with 10 keys
  • Assign ‘#’ key as Enter Key and ‘*’ key as Cancel Key
  • Not announce the media when navigating title by title using Right or Left Key, but announce only the title
  • Announce the folder name when navigating DAISY titles by folder using the Up or Down Key
  • Keep the current level of the DAISY title after recording voice memo
  • After you record and make a new DAISY title when you select an audio file, the new DAISY title is selected to check if the DAISY title has been made successfully
  • Change it to notify you that you cannot backup/buildbook this content before backup/buildbook about the Daisy book which there is the number of the headlines (the sections) more than 1,000

Usability Enhancement

  • Order of time announcement: ‘date -> time’ to ‘time -> date’
  • New sleep timer setting: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1 and a half hour and two hours
  • ’24-hour’ time announcement (except U.S. English firmware and Canadian firmware)
  • Cancel and get out of the menu when you choose a DAISY title which is not editable at ‘edit’ on the Menu Key
  • Play back the beginning of the voice memo automatically after recording to confirm whether this title is a target to delete
  • Optimize the volume of the voice prompts not moving from the lowest volume to the highest volume or vice versa
  • Admit to backup PDTB contents located in Root folder of the original media (e.g. NLS cartridge) to a folder in SD card of Pocket PTP1
  • Announce “please wait” when just after power supply ON.

Bug Fix

  • Correct announcement of lock status of SD card
  • Correct announcement of battery status
  • Correct inverted L-R channels while recording with external stereo microphone
  • Correct heading or phrase jump precision on a title which has been recorded for long time at MP3

This issue has been fixed.

Performance improvement

  • Sound quality improvement for TTS voice

Bug fix

  • Special characters on DAISY text, HTML, txt files was not pronounced properly.

This issue has been fixed.

Performance Improvement

  • Audio quality improvement for recoding
  • USB compatibility for PC/peripherals has been improved.

Bug fix

  • TTS pronunciation of special characters has been fixed.
  • Beginning of an audio file was sometimes not heard when starting playback.

This issue has been fixed.

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